November 10, 2015
Hollywood Happenings: Jim Ferguson interviews Finn Wittrock
Interviews Video

Jim Ferguson chats with Finn Wittrock about his upcoming movie, My All American.

November 6, 2015
Video: Finn Wittrock on Scary Movies for Yahoo SuperFan!

In new video for Yahoo SuperFan! Finn talks about the first movie that scared him. ONLINE INTERVIEWS > 2015 > 2015-11-04: YAHOO SUPERFAN!

October 4, 2015
Finn Wittrock fala sobre cenas de sexo com Lady Gaga
American Horror Story Hotel Interviews Video

Entrevista realizada durante a premiere de American Horror Story em Los Angeles. Finn fala sobre cenas peladas, cenas de sexo com Lady Gaga e mais. LINKS DA GALERIA ONLINE INTERVIEWS > 2015 > 2015-10-03: POPSTOP TV