November 10, 2015
Hollywood Happenings: Jim Ferguson interviews Finn Wittrock
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Jim Ferguson chats with Finn Wittrock about his upcoming movie, My All American.

November 10, 2015
GALLERY UPDATES: My All American’s Los Angeles Premiere
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Finn Wittrock’s new movie My All American premiered in Los Angeles last night and we added more than 50 HQ pictures on our gallery. Aaron Eckhart, Robin Tunney, Juston Street, Sarah Bolger and the director Angelo Pizzo were there too. The American Horror Story’s actors Evan Peters & Cheyenne Jackson attended the premiere to support their cast friend. (I’ve added HQ

November 10, 2015
Hotel: 5.05 ‘Room Service’ Screencaptures
American Horror Story Gallery Hotel

I added more than 70 screencaptures of Tristan Duffy in 5.05 ‘Room Service’. Enjoy it.      AMERICAN HORROR STORY (2014-????) > SEASON 5: HOTEL > SCREENCAPTURES > 5.05 “ROOM SERVICE”

November 10, 2015
GALLERY UPDATES: Twelve’s Screencaptures

We’ve added on our gallery more than 100 screencaptures of Finn Wittrock in Twelve. The movie was released in 2010, learn more about the movie and Finn’s character here. TV SHOWS & MOVIES > MOVIES > TWELVE > SCREENCAPTURES

November 9, 2015
Interview: Finn Wittrock and Sarah Bolger talk about My All American for

‘My All American’ follows determined athlete Freddie Steinmark (Finn Wittrock), who’s diminutive in size and stature. Supported and driven by his father, Fred (Michael Reilly Burke), Freddie’s discipline towards his athletic pursuits is only surpassed by his desire to win. That spirit serves helps make him a three-letter jock at Wheat Ridge High School in suburban Denver. It also catches

November 8, 2015
Angelo Pizzo talked about Finn Wittrock and his character in My All American

In recent interview, Angelo Pizzo talked about Finn Wittrock and his characther Freddie Steinmark in the upcoming movie My All American. So much of the film relies on the talents of the person playing Freddie Steinmark. Talk about casting Finn Wittrock [American Horror Story] for the lead. What drew you to him? I knew the movie would rise and fall